thermal spray metallizing

Is Thermal Spray Metallizing a coating?

Thermal Spray Metallizing is also referred to as a Thermal Spray Coating and Metallizing. The process of Thermal Spray Metallizing includes heating metals to a molten state, then spraying them onto the steel surface.

Our facility uses Arc Spray technology for Thermal Spray Metallizing. Two wires, one positive and the other negative, join in the tip of a gun. When they join, the two wires arc and become molten. An air stream in the gun and behind the joining wires sprays the liquid metal onto the surface.

How does Thermal Spray Metallizing compare to galvanizing?

Thermal Spray Metallizing leaves a coating of pure zinc on the surface. However, it does so without heating, or bathing, the entire structure being coated. You will not experience warping the way you do with galvanizing.

Thermal Spray Metallizing is not limited to zinc the way galvanizing is. We regularly apply Thermal Spray Metallizing with wires composed of zinc, aluminum, zinc-aluminum alloy and aluminum ceramic. Thermal Spray Metallizing wires are offered in a variety of metals and alloys.

Can Thermal Spray Metallizing be painted?

Part of the thermal spray process is to seal the zinc or alloy with a traditional coating. This addresses the porous nature of metallizing and adds additional adhesion strength.

Coatings can be a clear sealer to retain the metal look or be a colored system to provide the desired aesthetics. Most paint manufacturers have systems specifically for metallizing.

How long will Thermal Spray Metallizing last?

Thermion, a manufacturer of Thermal Spray Metallizing equipment, states on their website that corrosion protection will last for “more than 50 years”.

Thermion also states that with a proper sealer, Thermal Spray Metallizing “coating life is extended way beyond that expected for galvanizing.”

What are the benefits of Thermal Spray Metallizing over galvanizing?

Thermal Spray Metallizing doesn’t have the size limitations that galvanizing does. Galvanizers are limited to what they can fit in their tank. This just isn’t the case with metallizing.

Metallizing can be done indoors and outdoors. As long as proper application processes are followed, structures of any size can be coated with Thermal Spray Metallizing.