Finish Paint

What does Finish Paint mean?

Finish Paint, or Finished Paint, means a shop applied coating system that is complete. There are no further applications of coatings after the item leaves the shop for it’s destination.

Structural steel usually has connection points. It is common for these connection points to receive primer-only and be masked for the additional coats. Connection points are tied in to the finished system in the field.

Why Finish Paint in the shop?

When coatings are applied in the shop, the environment is controlled. This will usually result in a better product. Many times, selecting a shop-applied process will allow for different coatings to be used that are better for the end user.

The cost to apply coatings in the shop is always less expensive than in the field. Rural shops aren’t faced with the bloated wages of inner-city field painting. Additionally, field projects require a lot of transport of materials and the building of a containment.

What makes a Finished Paint System?

The parts of the system are generally as follows:

  • Primer Coat
  • Intermediate Coat
  • Top Coat

All of these can be applied in the shop.

What can be Finish Painted in the shop?

A general rule of thumb is: anything that can be transported over the road, can be finish painted in our shop.

We have finished painted entire bridges in our Epping, NH facility. It is all done by coating components and smaller assemblies. These components are later assemble and erected, usually at the jobsite.