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Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc was founded by Cheryl Fletcher in March of 1999 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

In its beginning the company sandblasted and painted equipment and structural steel. Out growing its first home, the company moved to Epping, New Hampshire. In Epping the company continued to flourish, increasing its shop capabilities and growing a healthy field operation.

In 2004, as Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc. thrived, it was identified that there was a need in New Hampshire for a tractor and trailer fleet maintenance provider that also offered Sandblasting & Painting services. The division Fletch’s Granite State Truck & Equipment was created.

Fletch’s Granite State Truck & Equipment is a leading provider of tractor and trailer refurbishment services north of Boston.

Continued growth and investment in the company eventually lead to establishing a third division of the company, Excelerated Coatings, in 2013.

Excelerated Coatings is a division of Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc. that focuses in specialty coatings such as fireproofing, insulation, high temperature and performance coatings. Excelerated Coatings also offers consulting services

Today Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc. operates three different brands that offer three unique services.

Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting – A brand of heritage, providing New England with sandblasting and painting services in the shop and in the field.

Excelerated Coatings – A new and technical brand, offering in-shop and field applications of specialty coatings.

Granite State Truck & Equipment – A tractor and trailer fleet maintenance and refurbishment provider.

These brands work together to provide New England, New York and New Jersey a plethora of services. Our three brands also offer the benefit of overlapping expertise. Our fleet maintenance division has access to some of the most knowledgeable coatings managers and applicators in New England, while our sandblasting and coatings divisions have access to trucks and trailers not found in most paint shops.

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